Remember The Audio

(Don Breithaupt)

Candy apple red Mustang
Windows down
Cranking out the Rex
Bang bang
Glam rock sound

It was sunshine
It was so fine
Every million dollar weekend
There were grapevines
There were peace signs

Do you remember the audio
AM radio
Nathan Jones / Rolling Stones
Maggie May / Marvin Gaye
Stagger Lee / Booker T.
Carrie Anne / Steely Dan
Do you remember the audio
Not yet stereo
That’s how the future used to sound

Whatcha heard is whatcha got
In those days
It was some sweet ride
We preferred to take the rock
And the Soul Train
Side by side

There were jokers
There were tokers
Doobie dancing in the moonlight
They were wild things
They were sun kings

Something in a shocking blue
What do you think ma’am
A whiter shade
A marmalade
Don’t rule out the frijid pink
And the little green bag