(Don Breithaupt)

I awoke from a dream last night to find
A picture of you still in my mind
A kiss by the playground swings
A tender age
I turned the page to things
I should know better than to feel
It’s only the dream that makes you real
That time is so far away
But now it seems
You’re in my dreams to stay

One afternoon
A matter of moments
We walked along the wall
And now we hide
This side of December
Were we really there at all
I wouldn’t dream
If I had a picture
If I could see your eyes
Still it is a matter of moments
A question of the time gone by

Light taking you back before it’s time
Erasing the world I left behind
The end of a winter’s day
A young girl’s eyes
A boy who tries to say
Half of the things he feels inside
Thanking the night so dark and wide
Do you remember when
A star could dance
Let’s take that chance again

Cold days
Fine days
My last ones as a child
Gold days
These days
I can recall your smile