(Don Breithaupt)

I’m burning sage
I’m burning everything
I’m searching space and time
It’s been a year
Damn near eternity
And still you own my mind
So unkind

There were dreams
Sunshine and rain
Equal parts pain and laughter
And now there’s time
To pause
Compare who I was
Before you and after

I’m friending ghosts
Pale flames from better days
They show me love’s lost glow
Our storied past
Is all but history
And still you haunt my soul
It’s getting old

So now I’m tilting toward summertime
Chasing phantom ships
Squeezing bitter berries in my fingertips
Juniper means memory
Copper flame is blue
Fiction is I’m better off without you

Now that I know there is life after you
I feel the memory getting smaller
It looks bad up ahead
But I can drive in rain
Look at me baby
I’m still alive
I’m an ocean
Who remembers every wave
And you’re a maritime disaster