Big Money

(Don Breithaupt)

Waking up in the downtown shade
Looking out at the mess we’ve made
Watching all the dealers come to life
Stepping out in their navy blues
Every one with a plan that can’t lose
Living by the number and the knife

They’re running in the fast lane
But their hearts are slowing down
They’re dying in the arms of this town
They’re looking for

Big Money
Big Money
Big Money

Standing up on a westbound train
Staying out of the pouring rain
I thought I saw a friend I knew from school
I made an effort to catch his eye
And pointed out how the time had gone by
But he never let me break his cool

I remember when he left us
He was halfway around the bend
He left behind the kindness of friends
And went looking for

I’m all right
I need nothing at all
In my life
In my life
I need nothing at all
I’m all right

Can’t you hear the dragon
Halfway round the world
Riding down and diving for pearls
He’s looking for