(Don Breithaupt)

There’s a big red sun
Crawling along this lonely field
And it helps me to remember
The way it used to feel
When the traffic felt like music
And the music was my friend
Under that big red sun
It’s shining again
Shining again

There’s a cold blue rain
Falling inside this dream I’m in
And it barely breaks the silence
As it soaks me to the skin
And I’m standing in your footprints
On the corner all alone
Watching that big red sun
It’s taking me home
Taking me home

Bury your memories
Live in your time
Maybe you’re still alive
Black-and-white pictures
Back in your room
Where those scratchy happy voices
Are the only thing that makes sense to you

Carry your burden
Live for today
Baby you’re on your way
Black-and-white movies
Rain on the roof
They say you can’t go back to the old address
And I guess that I’m living proof

There’s a big red sun
Doing its magic in the sky
And though I see through the illusion
I refuse to say goodbye
’Cause we hang on to the good things
And we throw away the pain
Meanwhile that big red sun
Gets old in the cold blue rain