(Don Breithaupt)

The girl is on a mission
She’s gunning for your soul
Call it blonde ambition
But it’s all about control

She wishes you
Could make her dirty dream come true
So here’s what you’re gonna need to do
Stack up what used to be a man
Keep only the parts that fit the plan
You know — if you can

Now it’s death by improvement
She’s just gonna need to change a few things
You’ll forget where your youth went
And you won’t feel the strings
When it’s death by improvement

You’ve got that quirky habit
Well that’s just how you roll
She’s gonna reach out and grab it
She’s gonna bury it in a hole

She knows best
She chose you above the rest
Now what you had beating in your chest
Has gone the way of abstract art
I think the girl just jacked your heart
You know — it’s a start