(Don Breithaupt)

She’s a hundred-watt girl
In a forty-watt world
A very bright girl indeed
She’s been making some plans
Only she understands
Are some of those plans for me?

She can see across time
With her beautiful mind
But she never has time for tea
She can hear the Big Bang
The original thang
But there ain’t no Big Bang for me

Emily Einstein
What’s on your fine mind?
Are you as cold as you seem to be?
Elegant ice queen
Charting the unseen
Smarter than Socrates
Emily Einstein
Draw me a time line
How long do you wait for your Nobel Prize?
Look at me mopin’
Looking for hope in
Emily Einstein’s eyes

She’s a hundred light years
From a pair of light beers
A hundred light years away
And she’d never make plans
With an Everyman
So I’m not in her plans today

I just wanna
Get stupid
Get stupid
Spend a little down time
Don’t you wanna
Meet Cupid
Cupid knows
The number two is prime