(Don Breithaupt / Jay Graydon)

You could give it up
Yeah you say you’ve had enough
This world is not your thing
But maybe it’s the time
When your life is on the line
That’s when you learn to sing

What you gonna do
If your dream comes true
Drown it
Or maybe keep it alive

You got to stand in that cold wind
Before you feel the sun
You just start out walking
And then you learn to run
When you leave behind your anger
You learn how to forgive
You got to have your share of bad times
Before you’re good to live
Before you’re good to live

Dark and down again
Yeah you let them take you in
Like love’s not worth the chance
Listen carefully
To the drummer you can’t see
Remember how you danced

What you gonna say
If it falls your way
Doubt it
Or let it keep you alive

Fooled you one time
That’s a crying shame
Fooled you two times
Got yourself to blame
You don’t trust the light
You’re not even fanning the flame
You can’t admit when it’s right