(Don Breithaupt)

Walking down on the Century Boardwalk
Just a little on the lonely side
Missing you, m-m-missing my thrill
Still enjoying the ride
Summer night and the beach is pulsing
Party people and they’re monkeyed up good
I’m stepping out just like I know I should

I could do without the moonlight
I could do without the dunes
I could do without the jam band
Playing those tunes
I could live without the starlight
I’d be fine without the sea
I could do without the traces
Of you and me

Every song is an out-and-out flashback
Playing havoc with the here and now
Pulling me, p-p-pulling me backwards
I smile anyhow
Cool comfort in the face of a stranger
The bud is active and I’m taking my turn
A little grace in the taste of a beachside burn

Say goodnight to the Century Boardwalk
I’m just a little on the tired side
Adios, m-m-monkeyed up people
Sure enjoyed the ride
Summer night with the beach still pulsing
Another hour and I’ll crash and burn
I gotta go but you know that I’ll return
But next time