(Don Breithaupt)

She was maybe beautiful
He was fully tame
They had an “A” plan
Where they ran a pet-friendly pharmacy
But she could feel that voodoo pull
It never had a name
Till one crazy second
It beckoned and she left plan “A” behind
The stranger said

I’ll drive
You chill
Let’s see what’s happening over that hill
You chill
I’ll drive
We’re going nowhere alive

Curled up in the shotgun seat
Gliding out of town
She hears herself laughing
The having is all in the letting go
Turning onto Hoskin Street
The stranger’s gearing down
He tells her to lay low
And stay low till she hears the cavalry
Wait for me

Copacetic girl till it’s underway
And now she’s wishing it was yesterday
She’s got half a mind to disobey
But open carry’s hella scary

She thinks: I can love a pharmacist
When he is posting bail
It’s back to my “A” man
My “A” plan of long-term security
But flashbacks in the car persist
The stranger’s on her tail
He’s always back there
The blank stare of restless mobility
He whispers

I’ll steer
You sleep
While I attempt this hyperspace leap
You sleep
I’ll steer
You chill
I’ll drive
Only the brave survive