(Don Breithaupt)

To each his own
Truer words were never spoken
I roam this beach
On the island of the blind
You try to tell me ’bout your living proof
I’ve got a message for you
We are the light we leave behind

You want to challenge my philosophy
I want you out of my head

All I can tell you is it works for me
Yes it works for me
Every time
You don’t have to sell me if it works for you
If the words are true
In your mind
That’s fine
It’s your design

I made my bed
Now allow me just to lie in it
My head unswayed
By the voices of the night
You try to sell me on your private truth
So sure your message is true
But this world looks whack in black and white

Don’t sweat my mental choreography
Some parts you won’t understand

It’s such a moveable feast
But you’re not hungry in the least