(Don Breithaupt)

Cocktails in Hollywood
Late afternoon
He watches the sun
As he dreams of the moon
Yes it’s playtime for angels
At the last chance resort
But it’s already dark in New York

Jazz on Lower Broadway
Those were the days
He pictures her face
In the cool downtown haze
Now he squints through the palm trees
As the next round is poured
And it’s already dark in New York

No doubt there was a time
He could have said no
A thousand times no to this
One million valentines
The Malibu place
Just can’t replace her kiss

He curses the madness
Of his golden town
He craves what is lost
But the sun won’t go down
He’s tinged with the sadness
Of love’s final spark
And it’s already dark
You can’t fake Central Park
Yes it’s already dark in New York