(Don Breithaupt)

Trying to catch you
Meeting at the restaurant
Who’s that bruiser
Musky loser
Could he be the one you want

I’ve seen mistakes before
But this one takes the cake
And I can’t respect a girl
Who’s out on the make

Did he ply you with diamonds
Did he sing you a song
Did you make a good couple
Did you get along
Was it just like the movies
Was it easy and free
And did he treat you like he loved you
Or was he just like me

Cloak and dagger
Hear me stagger
Stumbling up the stairs alone
Keep your lover
I can smell his cheap cologne

I’ve seen his face before
But I can’t remember where
No need for sweet revenge
’Cause I really don’t care

He might be the guy
Who sold us tires for the car
He might be a busboy
Down at Zanzibar
Whoever he is
He’s welcome to my back door key
There’s only one small thing
That’s puzzling me