(Don Breithaupt / Marc Jordan)

The moment passed so quick
And I regret it still
To this day the thrill
Has left me black and blue
Standing in the rain
Standing by myself
I’m still ringing for you
Like a bell

There’s no one left
In empty San Jose
There’s nothing here
But rain clouds anyway
I’ll take the bus
Back to the place
I started from
The bedouins have sung their song
I’ll drink to you tonight
In Lebanon

You were like the sun
You were like the moon
Measured in my head
Out in coffee spoons
Out there in the dark
Out there on the sand
I can see so clearly
I can understand

Now the leaves have come
All the cafés strung
With lights and love
From another world
I’ll sleep in your arms
Strange music, stranger charms
It’s all over now
It seems