(Don Breithaupt)

We’re gonna need to make our peace
With peace not making sense
Our little girl is growing up
She’s more and more intense
She’s been the queen of everything
Since she was a baby grand
Smacked the doctor’s hand
And gave him a look

I think we’re gonna have to
Let Jenny be Jenny
Let Jenny play
We gotta
Let Jenny get Jenny’s way
Let Jenny be Jenny
Let Jenny shine
So come on
Hold steady
’Cause she’s ready
Ready for the big time

We’re gonna need to contemplate
This list of her demands
Unless you want a donnybrook
Just do as she commands
She doesn’t care for someone’s else’s
Cool idea of fun
She’ll burn you in the sun
And pull off your wings

She is not the enemy
She’s just a wilful child
Don’t attempt to intervene
Leave her running wild

If you can hear her
Don’t come nearer
Or you’re gonna catch some flak
Be careful mister
Don’t you test her
And don’t make eye contact