(Don Breithaupt)

Your heart is starting to slow down
You’ve been together a long, long time
You think it’s time for a showdown
But she dims the lights
And she pours the wine

Tomorrow morning you’ll wake up
Still together and holding on
You’re contemplating a breakup
So if the fire is out
And the thrill is gone

Get your heart off your sleeve
Hold your head up steady
Keep your wildest cards in your hand
Wipe the tears from your eyes
Let her know when you’re ready
For love’s last stand
Are you ready
For love’s last stand

Your head is ready to leave her
You’ve got your courage, you know your lines
You know you shouldn’t believe her
But she holds you tight
And she looks so fine

Tomorrow morning you’ll wake up
And you’ll have no one but you to blame
You better put on the brakes now
’Cause it’s a one-way street
It’s a losing game

Think back
What about the time you were lonely
And she never even shed a tear
You keep talking ’bout the one and the only
You say yes, she says no
You say stop, she says go

Don’t you wait
For the great debate
Just get out of there