(Don Breithaupt)

King of the world
It’s a world I designed
With seduction in mind
I don’t talk to the girls
I just stare out the window
And sadly pretend
Oh no, I don’t show emotion
Never mind the wails and moans
I just sigh
And they want to take me home

Just call me Mister Tragic
I work the magic
I walk the pleasure dome
I say to be or not to
And soon they got to phone
’Cause Mister Tragic only wants to be alone

It’s sweet, they never learn
I can think like a a pig
But I’m still an enigma
Deep, deeply concerned
For the fate of the planet
A sensitive man
It hurts to be such a devil
But sympathy is in the plans
I just swoon
And my life is in their hands

Prince of Denmark
Made the court dark and gloomy
Loved him madly
Oh so gladly died