(Don Breithaupt)

A long time ago in a record store
There was a Top 10 list by a big glass door
Full-color poster stuck on the wall
With the Top 10 singles and they had them all
I went in every day saying hey what’s new
I dreamed someday I’d have a Top 10 too
And sugar I do
It goes:

You, water, oxygen
Food, sleep, shelter and then
All the rest of it
Music, sun
Single malt, double shot, triple fun
So in reverse order like countdowns do
Sleep, food, oxygen, water
And you
My Top 10 list
My Top 10 list

Later I was looking to escape some pain
Fly somewhere on a big-ass plane
Had to think got a link to a big display
With the Top 10 spots just to get away
I picked number 7 with the heavenly view
A double-booked flat and that’s where I met you
My escape come true
To review:

Kill a round of margaritas
Hear the smash hits of the day
Fly the sky-blue skies
Dry your big green eyes and play
Where the dolphins play