(Don Breithaupt)

Go down to the river
Look out to the sea
One last time
Leave town like you never
Believed this is where
You would shine

New York owes you nothing
The city’s free and clear
She gave you all you dreamed
New York knows the one thing
The faith inside the fear
She was always all she seemed
And you shone in every scene

Got the moon in your pocket
A long string of stars
On a chain
Jazz crooners and rockers
And songs you will not
Hear again

Kill a strong beer
Something hazy
Leave your books with a friend
God knows
You spent a lifetime here
Say tomorrow
May be rainy
Best be on that plane
To out of here

Stay up on your last night
Alone till the trains
Go to sleep
Stop cold in the lamplight
Downtown, time to sail
Time to leave

Not looking for
Not looking for
Life after death
Just looking for
Just looking for
Life after this