(Don Breithaupt)

There’s a light in your window
I know you can’t sleep
Here in the neighborhood
Where dreams are cheap
So meet me at midnight
Where tomorrow’s today
I know a place
Where we can get away

Girl I wanna take you
To Paradise Road
Where it’s gonna lead us
You never know
But with a little music
And a fifty-cent toll
We can turn all our troubles to gold
Out on Paradise Road

Purring transformers
Donuts and beer
We’ll never be our best
Not while we’re living here
Let’s cut all our losses
I wanna learn how to win
The end of this county’s
Where the world begins

Listen real close now
Is that a train in the distance
The night feels like thunder
Rolling down over me
That break in the clouds
Is breaking down my resistance
The moon says get free
And when the moon is talking
Who am I to disagree

There’s a light in your window
I’m standing outside
Do you wanna join me
On that midnight ride
Roll up your blue jeans
Choke back the tears
And we’ll be gone
Before the dawn appears