(Don Breithaupt)

Sonny Bono’s in the White House
Rock and roll is dead and gone
The Yankees have a winning season
The streak goes on and on
There’s a copacetic preacher
Who wants the world to sing
We’ve got holes at the poles
And the lost souls bow down to anything

Maybe the world is getting better
Maybe the time is almost here
Maybe the revelation’s drawing near

There’s a Disneyland in Rio
A Hard Rock out in space
The King he has no comment
Though some have seen his face
We all partied like the devil
Back in 1999
And if we can’t believe the TV priest
Well at least we feel divine

Lately your face is in my memory
Calling across the miles of time
Drowning in days and haze and deep red wine

Will you be my one true memory?
Will you be my sign?
Will you be my proof that I’m alive?

And now they’re getting signals
From the dark side of the moon
The mothership is round and lovely
It should be landing soon