(Don Breithaupt)

It’s time for a little more peace
And a little less stress
And a lot less conversation
As we go round and round and round
Just talking
News radio
I get the blow-by-blow
I don’t know how to stop the show
Or slow her down

I watch her pirouette
She hasn’t won this yet

She’s an ordinary living thing
Spinning in the centre ring
She’s a complicated puzzle
And I can’t solve her

My choice is a little less noise
And a lot less mess
And a little more contemplation
She could stop to take a breath
Just saying
I’m in outpour heaven
Half-drowned, I am surrounded
By the sound

I watch her silhouette
I haven’t lost this yet

It’s time for a little less breeze
And a little more warmth
And a lot less confrontation
Maybe dial the lecture down
One second

Let’s play some Chatroulette