(Don Breithaupt)

Like Barton Fink
You want to know what’s in the box
Just keep driving baby
I don’t want to talk
’Cause we’re taking this package
To the deepest South
Transient moonshine’s
What this story’s about

And if it all sounds familiar
There’s a reason why

We’re making a road movie
Like Bonnie and Clyde
Stop what you’re doing
Come along for the ride
There’ll be highway violence
Like none you’ve ever seen
Making a road movie
For the silver screen

You be Thelma
I’ll be Louise
Just hold that map of Anywhere
There between your knees
Feel that pistol
Underneath the seat
Put your name above the title
Now the picture’s complete

And if you don’t like the ending
We can talk all night

We’ll be fine in our American garage
Somewhere down the 12th Concession
We’ll draw a line and if someone dares to cross
We’ll just have to teach them a lesson