(Don Breithaupt)

Excuse me miss
I don’t mean to bother you
But I could swear I’ve seen your face before
Didn’t we dance?
Didn’t we laugh with each other?
Must be ten years ago or more

It’s the same night with a different music
It’s the same sky with a different light
It’s the same words with a different meaning
Meaning: Won’t you let me take you home tonight?

I have to insist
You wore the gabardine
And I was waiting in the island rain
Think of the rush
Think of the great expectations
Seeing you here takes me there again

You know the Mersey beat
Show me some mercy beat

Shake it around
Shake it around little girl
Shake it around
Shake it around the world

It’s the same eyes with a different message
It’s the same kiss with a different style
It’s the same dance with a different rhythm
Listen: Can I have to to myself awhile?