(Don Breithaupt / Guido Luciani / Chris Smith)

Don’t know when we crossed it
That invisible line
Now we can’t pretend
That it’s going to be fine
No matter how I count it
It all comes out to one
Stop leaning on tomorrow
Tomorrow is gone

So half of it’s lies
And half of it’s true
Baby remind me
Wasn’t it you
Who always knew what was right
And what to say
Say it for the last time

We can overthink it
Till it disappears
I can watch as days
Start to turn into years
Nothing but a lost war
Nothing left to hide
History is written

By the winning side
You’re a voice in the dark
I don’t need your advice
Weren’t we the ones
Who never thought twice
I can remember all
Of what you said
Now say it for the last time