(Don Breithaupt / Jeff Breithaupt)

Look, here comes the rain
A thundercloud rumblin’ up
Second Avenue
Hear that sad refrain
A drunken clown stumblin’ up
Second Avenue
He walks through the pain
On Second Avenue
Though he hasn’t let go
Of the hope of havin’ you
Someday, one day
You’re as likely to show
As the Second Avenue subway

Blowin’ up a gale
The maître d’s are closin’ down
Second Avenue
Girl, you left no trail
So why’s he still nosin’ ’round
Second Avenue?
Your heart was for sale
On Second Avenue
See, he’ll just have to cope
’Cause there ain’t no havin’ you
Someday, one day
It’s as useful to hope
For the Second Avenue subway

Hey, where did he go?
He’s gone and I’m all alone
On the avenue
Now it starts to snow
It’s chilling me to the bone
Second Avenue
I’ve nothing to show
For Second Avenue
So I wake from the pain
And the dream of havin’ you
Someday, one day
And I wait for my train
The Second Avenue subway