(Don Breithaupt)

Guess it never occurred to me
Standing up in the balcony
That someone other than her might be
My destiny
Then out of nowhere she disappeared
Took a rocket to out of here
But you were there when the smoke had cleared
So sincere

I don’t want sympathy
Or some falling over me
All I want is some company
And the chance to renew
With you
Someone to see me through

We fell asleep in the studio
Little Rosie and Romeo
I knew wherever the night might go
My feelings would show
I’m glad I woke up in time to say
Hey, I’m so caught up in my yesterday
But I’d be happy if you would stay

I never had a second to myself when I was on the road
I never had a chance to change my mind
The centre of the universe is such a lonely place to be
At least it was for me
Loving you blind