(Don Breithaupt)

Artie’s got his Sketches of Spain
He’s got the stuff on the brain
That’s what puts the shine in his soul
He’s got it under control

It’s the sound of burning cool
It’s a better way

The jazz life
Jazz life
Moving on
Blues by any other name
The jazz life
Jazz life
Bigger than the picture frame
The jazz life
Jazz life
Groovin’ high
Going down on history
The jazz life
Jazz life
Made of future memories

Artie says there’s truth in the groove
He wants to give you the proof
Burning with his college degree
He’s counting four over three

It’s the night that never ends
It’s the street of dreams

He’ll be out of this
When the moment comes
He’ll be ready for
He’ll be the only one

It’s the blue inside the green
It’s the private room