(Don Breithaupt)

You packed your bags
It’s breaking news
Gotham’s taken all you had to lose
You can leave
It’s up to you
But I’m going to stay here in the 212

It’s crystal clear
You’ve had enough
Don’t want to stay until your heart gets tough
Got half a mind
To go with you
But there’s so much here that I have left to do

Paper says there’ll be blue skies all the way
Let’s get this show off the ground
We could go walking
But there’s nothing more to say
Tomorrow morning I’ll be riverside
And you’ll be two thousand miles away
This is the difference between New York and L.A.

You paid your dues
It’s been two years
One more sunrise and you’re out of here
Those Broadway dreams
You leave behind
Don’t let them follow you to Sunset and Vine

You’ll scan the long Pacific sunsets
While the sun is long gone over here
And when you think of me
Will you think of life
Inside this island world

You’re good as gone
Today’s the day
Feeling small enough to fade away
Take your things
Don’t make a sound
Fly your demons out to angel town