(Don Breithaupt)

I hear my heart still ticking
I see a world of possibility
I feel my front door clicking
And a yearning inside of me

I know it’s you there knocking
It reminds me of another time
When I could be seen out walking
With a friend of mine

It’s gonna take some tough love
Just to get me feeling human
Assuming I’m worth saving at all
You gotta show some tough love
If you wanna see the other side of my wall
Gotta bring your best stuff
Just to get my attention
Did I mention I’ve been lonely too long
Gonna need some tough love
If we’re gonna change the words to this song

You want the drawbridge open
Yeah but I can only fall by force
And still I lie here hoping
For the sound of your Trojan horse

And when the ice starts breaking
You can hear this unearthly sound
And then the earth starts shaking
But it takes a long time to break it all down