(Don Breithaupt)

It’s clear
As clear as stars
On a summer evening
We’re dialed in
There’s something here
But you will soon be leaving
It’s strange
How crazy nights
Turn into Sunday mornings
So here’s one last chance
To make it real
This is your last warning

It’s a rare thing
It’s a magic thing
When the sparks fly high

Say goodnight
Just tell me we will meet again
Make it right
Save me from a bitter end
Say you might
You don’t have to tell me when
’Cause I’ll be all right
If you tell me we will meet again
Tell me we will meet again

Moon’s high
The music’s on
Fireflies are dancing
We can’t
Just walk away
Like nothing ever happened
So lock eyes
Lean into it
Let this be a lesson
Lost souls
And passing ships
Never get to heaven

It’s a wild time
Don’t you take your time
It will never be now again