(Don Breithaupt / Jeff Breithaupt)

The memories jump cut
Inside of my head
I’m losing the thread
Guess I’ll go back to bed
And maybe watch some daytime TV

I’m over the hump but
I heard what you said
You’d sooner be dead
Than to say, “I thee wed”
At least to a doofus like me
But now I’m living la vida mochaccino
Even broke a bad habit or two
And I’ve been reading those self-help magazines
Though you took quite a few
So, now, how about you?

Tell me, what exactly is it that you do all day?
I got friends who tell me you been doin’ okay
But what exactly it is that you’re doin’ all day
If you’re not missin’ me?

Remember last summer
You tossed the romaine
I poured the champagne
Knowing you’d miss your train
And maybe stay for the night

Your boyfriend the drummer
Loved Fountains of Wayne
And doing cocaine
And your oldest friend Jane
Shit just wasn’t right

Then you moved into my Greenpoint apartment
And doubled your daily commute
You put your books on my shelf and hung your art
Got a basket of fruit
And you bought me a suit

You wanted love among the ruins
A Stanley Cup for my Boston Bruins
And your “Impeach George Bush” tattoo

But now I’m living la vida mochaccino
See, I broke a bad habit or two
You know I always keep calm and carry on
Like you taught me to do
So, now, how about you?