(Don Breithaupt)

It’s not a life he chose
He knows
He sees everything the family tree
Can’t see
He’s tired of their guessing games
The creeping shame
He’s solo in knowlo
He’s got a panic room
He knows everything the neighbourhood
Can’t know
He’s learning how to levitate
He’s got the date
Committed to memory

He wants to be ready
When the mud men come
He’s making preparations
He’s drinking rainwater rum
He really can’t tell you
Who they are or where they’re from
But he’s gonna be ready
When the mud men come

It’s not an accident
He’s meant
To catch everything the talking heads
Don’t catch
He’s all about the serpent’s teeth
The underneath
The secret defines him
He keeps the radio
Long after every other zed’s
In bed
It’s lonely on the AM band
But he’s got a plan
He’s hip to a better thing

You stand there
Just smiling
You should be
You’re not paranoid
If there really are mud men