(Don Breithaupt / Jeff Breithaupt)

Here I’m standing on the corner
Tragedy and Vine
A lonely worn-out mourner
Stumping for a sign
My dog just died
I haven’t cried ’til now
I spent the last G.W. I could borrow
Trying to get to Gotham by tomorrow

I should learn how to drive
But I’m barely alive
And there’s only one guy I know with a car

Where’s Mantis Evar?
He’d know what to say
He’d be strumming on his geetar
Living for today
Where’s Mantis Evar?
He’d know what to do
He’d be passing me a ceegar
Bidding me adieu

Look at me, ain’t that a corker
I can’t beg a light
And my girl’s back in New York
Her brother says I’m shite
We’re getting hitched
Yeah, love’s a bitch and how
She says we’ll do it one of these Decembers
And I’m the Dad as far as she remembers

These street kids pass too near
They mumble threats and curses
And there’s no cabs down here
Just Hummers, whores and hearses

And I’m waiting on the corner
Comedy and Vine
Feeling like a for’ner
Pining for some wine
The morning light
Reveals the blight I am
There’s no one here knows where he might be staying
Maybe he left town is what they’re all saying