(Don Breithaupt)

I was never a confessional guy
You know that I never cry
Like a singer/songwriter
I was more of an elaborate book
You had to take a good look
Maybe pull an all-nighter

But then I met you
Now I’m in too deep
To deeply explain
I no longer seek to learn
I seek to burn
’Cause I’ve got

You on the brain
You on the brain
You on the brain

I was never an excitable boy
Now I’m jumping for joy
I found a beautiful civilian
You’re the reason that I’m even alive
I’ve got no room on the drive
For the other eight billion

See when I met you
All my deep concern
Was turning to pain
I no longer need to know
I take it slow
’Cause I’ve got

Love can make you stupid
Make you wild
Cupid wakes up your inner child

I was never an emotional soul
I kept it under control
’Cause it was all that I could take dear
I was more the intellectual type
Yeah, I’d be holding a pipe
And trying to analyze Shakespeare

But since I met you
I am worldly wild
And mildly insane
I no longer dot the i’s
I’m crazy wise
’Cause I’ve got